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Autor Thema: looking for alliance  (Gelesen 43753 mal)
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« am: 13.01.2010 13:52:00 »

I am back at and looking for an alliance.
No idea when this round started but anyway.

ingamename: Leela

Note this:
I am active when I am online.
I am online when I am online. (No nerdy stuff like trying to be home in time to build or getting up at 3am to send a fleet)
I used to do chemics for about 2 years.
I can do something else too.
I am allrounder dot.
I am not doing raids or stuff at war or else.
But I dig for your alliance.
I sit when i am online.
I use the notepad so please read it before building or researching when sitting me.
I play another game called real life and it is more important. So maybe I am off for a day sometimes, don't kill me for that Wink
I will have irc soon. I have skype. I have no icq.

If interested, please send me an ingame message or answer here. I am not often on at the forum so an ingame message would be better.

knulfine / Leela
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« am: 13.01.2010 14:53:38 »

I play another game called real life and it is more important.

grafic is much more better in that game, but save-function is disabled *g*

Mehr Hass! Mehr Flame! Mehr Heulerei! Mehr... oh... Sonne. Macht mal weiter ich bräun mir den Schniedel.  Saufen

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« am: 13.01.2010 17:34:09 »

you're absolutely right wiskey Wink

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« am: 04.06.2010 21:02:26 »

seriously I agree with her, I am looking for the same thing and i respect my real life! pls pick me too when u pick her Smile Rolling Eyes
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