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Autor Thema: WTF is this?  (Gelesen 1724 mal)
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« am: 31.07.2008 00:47:04 »

I received this as a message ....


Hello, join us Smile     from:chimis     30.07.2008 17:48:02     Player message
Hi, let’s talk business, I’m looking for PROS (and I mean it). We are playing a NEW game called “Broken reality online” and I would like you to join us, and help us beat the other factions. I see you are one of the BEST players in this game, if you decide to join, don’t disappoint me Wink

Send a PM (personal message) IN GAME to Hill Halfling.

What the heck is that?

Just made reflink unusable. This doesn't deserve any benefits Smile

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« am: 31.07.2008 02:35:57 »

That's a retarded game with retarded players who try to recruit in other brower games. Guess those morons get some benefits in with their BRO account from all the people clicking this link.

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