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Autor Thema: Plese Admin make it faster!!  (Gelesen 1861 mal)
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« am: 16.05.2008 14:47:37 »

I played IW for 2 weeks it is the best space game ever i had played funny, smart, big,and the best graphic ever.
i palyed Gwars,Bulestar,Unififcation war,Warcommand, Dark orbit
but !!!!!!

until now after 2 weeks i could not even be close to defend my self and the reson is the slow Resrch.
i liked the Big tech tree but look at this i need 5 months to make a  Fleet.
we are in the age of high speed and 5 monthes for any player is a lot of time.
if any one played any game in 1 monthe he will be able to start attacking  not defending.

what i can say more i hope after the Restart to make the resrch time faster lets say 1 ot 2 month.
remember we all play to see the glory of our empire and it's fleet not other players powers.

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« am: 16.05.2008 19:02:47 »

reson is the slow Resrch
-> Build more Researche facillitys , then you can research faster

And after 2 weeks you should be able to build planetary defence and research the first ships, Lionheart or Slayer for example.

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« am: 16.05.2008 19:37:06 »

one thread is enough, closed.


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