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« am: 17.02.2008 17:43:39 »

I'm pretty much a newb, but I have the general gameplay down, but I'm just (finally) starting to explore my solar system..

I've been probing a planets geology, and it takes about 5 minutes to get there, and I can watch its' progress and blah blah..

it's failed 3 times, but not really worried about that.. what bothers me, is that the probes don't seem to be coming back :\  I have to build a new one every time... is that supposed to be how it is?  does the probe self-destruct after it "establishes a Tetris world-record"  Rolling Eyes

*sigh* (completely unrelated) I'm almost out of my 45,000 (or something pretty close to that) Building Minutes.. lol.. gaaawd research woulda taken FOREVER in the beginning Very Happy  this game woulda been a blast to start out in Very Happy  does it ever reset?


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« am: 17.02.2008 21:04:57 »

Well, at least I can tell you that it's absolutely normal that probes do not return. They are sort of one-way ships.
To ensure a complete geoscan, you have to send multiple probes at once. You'll need 20 X11 probes or 10 Terminus probes or 8 X13 probes for a 100% chance to get a complete geoscan.

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If you don't mind sharing your geoscans with others, you can use the IW community tools to save your geoscans (ingame they'll be deleted after two weeks, as every other message). Everybody will be able to have a look at them when browsing the database. And of course you can do so, before wasting tons of probes. Maybe the planet you're looking for is already inserted. Wink

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Another way is to use scouts. They will return to you but they are really slow...

@unrelated stuff:
IceWars is beeing reset about once a year. But nobody knows exactly when (there'll be a notice some weeks before reset)... Wink


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« am: 17.02.2008 21:11:05 »

thanks Very Happy

very helpful :P


and just checked, none of the planets in my solar system are in that database :P  I'm kinda in the middle o nowhere... there's only 1 other person in this solar system :\  so.... alone....  Very Happy
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