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« am: 06.02.2008 23:49:27 »

For everyone who has no access to an alliance internal tool, that helps to find nice planets, gives information about the universe or does some other usefull things - and of course for everyone who has access to such a tool but doesn't mind to share his/her information - I startet to set up a page, that aims to provide some little helpers.

The project is more or less a collection of different tools. At the moment it provides a forum that can be used to discuss pro/cons of the tools, to report bugs and to request features. Striddel's techtrees are availible to help you with the planning of your next researches and last but not least, there is a database that can be feeded with information about the universe.

Up to now, I haven't invested much time into eye candy but concentrated on the informational aspect.

New features will or will not be implemented as time goes by.

If you liked to use the tools, don't hesitate to visit the IceWars Community Tools, its open for everyone. Saufen

Bug fixed, that converted the gravitation of a planet to an int value. (Thanks to whiskey for reporting)
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« am: 07.02.2008 01:08:51 »

who is able to see the geoprobes ?


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« am: 07.02.2008 01:46:12 »

Everything that is inserted into the database can be accessed by everybody (click the green icon to see the geoscan data). I've already inserted some data, so you can see how it works.

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