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Autor Thema: zapped by a trojan/virus  (Gelesen 1601 mal)
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« am: 20.01.2008 08:37:11 »

didnt know where to put this but one of my alliance in the game posted this in the alliance messages .. I thought I would pass it along.

This is just a direct quote .. I don't have any more information on it than this.

I had a trojan ... .. a back door trojan meant to hijack my pute.

It hid within the file svchost.exe:exe.exe ... this file made the trojan reappear every time the trojan was deleted.

Avast would only take one part of it ... and would only alert every time it deleted that part ... I lost all control over my pute .. I had no icons or start menu.

comodo pro firewall let anything and everything through .. I never did find out how to control anything in it.

I had to boot the computer in safe mode and do a system restore to a week previously. I removed comodo and avast from my system and downloaded AVG and zonealarm and installed them.

I then ran a full system scan and found 11 copies of the trojan and finally the mother trojan maker program ( hidden in temporary internet files from version 5 of IE ) I have IE6. Deleting the temporary internet files from IE6 would not touch it ... Took a little digging but finally found the IE5 temporary internet files ... yes they still existed ... windows is like a pack rat, it never throws anything out.

It either came from a website I visited about old versions of winamp
through windows media player 10 and their update program.

As near as I can figure it showed up first at that time.

I tried to get more info but he/she was offline.
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