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Autor Thema: We need more players  (Gelesen 8865 mal)
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« am: 17.01.2008 23:57:59 »

don't forget his sister *g*

and it also has some advantage, that the development takes so long. else we would be ready to crush the entire server, cause even we would be devoloped much further ... (well, the rest also, for sure ...)
so enjoy your steps and your door, you're hiding behind ^^



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« am: 22.01.2008 11:14:27 »

Lost 4 er 5  people in my alliance .. they were attacked by Boehser ssomething or rather ...  then toonroa messaged everyone and said that he  was deleting his account ... then four other people chimed in that they were attacked also and were deleting there account also ... I tried to explain to them that this sort of thing happens all the time but no answer so far ...

ole well

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« am: 22.01.2008 17:49:30 »

first thing they need to know is: ask the attacker, if he want's to stop. talk to him etc (don't be evil, etc)
sounds strange, but most don't want to be evil, just want to get more ress. and if you tell "him", that you're just developing, he should stop attacking. that's something, that happens, but you don't go under. there shouldn't be greater damage etc ...

like "we" say on the german server: it's not "sim"ice, but ice"wars"! ^^


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« am: 22.01.2008 22:54:46 »

True, this is something one should expect when playing this type of games. And as bursa said: You can talk to most people and if you do this in a kind way, chances are good that they stop attacking you (at least for a while) and/ or give you some tips on the game and how you can make sure you won't be attacked too often.


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« am: 23.01.2008 13:42:32 »

 Very Happy They came back .. guess IW has them hooked

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« am: 16.05.2008 14:45:29 »

I played IW for 2 weeks it is the best space game ever i had played funny, smart, big,and the best graphic ever.
i palyed Gwars,Bulestar,Unififcation war,Warcommand, Dark orbit
but !!!!!!

until now after 2 weeks i could not even be close to defend my self and the reson is the slow Resrch.
i liked the Big tech tree but look at this i need 5 months to make a  Fleet.
we are in the age of high speed and 5 monthes for any player is a lot of time.
if any one played any game in 1 monthe he will be able to start attacking  not defending.

what i can say more i hope after the Restart to make the resrch time faster lets say 1 ot 2 month.
remember we all play to see the glory of our empire and it's fleet not other players powers.

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« am: 19.05.2008 04:33:19 »

the first "usable" ships can be built after two to three weeks, if you're fast enough. "usable" meaning you can use them to raid other players, get their ressources and make yourself stronger with these ressources.

Oh, and at least in geman server there have in some rounds been wars after 3 months or so... low-tech wars, sure, but wars nonetheless.


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« am: 19.04.2009 15:04:00 »

We have lost around 120+ players since I joined. There are only 380 players left now on the English server. How do we go about drawing more into this game??

First let me say i evaluated several rounds of Ogame over the past few years
my latest is/was uni 40

I can definitely say just from a few days reviewing [this client
and the game design and universe setup]...

this is a far better designed client/game

More players?? that usually comes from players promoting a game they like to play

If a large number of existing players spend most of their time
beating on new players "because they can"
population rarely grows in a game

It is only a few days since I began my evaluation

I will slowly begin adding topics to forum as I hash thru the game setup and gameplay

and then will come comments and suggestions for changes or enhancements

of course existing players already happy with a bash the noobies setup will flame and disagree with most I have to say

the intention is not to make a Sim City "pet rock" game but to suggest changes
that will promote both player population and player donation increases

Hopefully in the coming days some one here will recognize me
even tho the german account creation changed my usual NIC to this one

I am Xeander of Davox Management INC
and developer of web games using browsers and 2.5D and 3D engines

I am also the author of the Torque Graphic Engine build 1.4 Beta
and many other things
so happy gaming to all
and perhaps some useful contributions by me as I evaluate this game and client

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