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Autor Thema: Exploiting English Server  (Gelesen 2886 mal)
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« am: 21.08.2007 05:34:33 »

I understand that this is a German game, but is an International server.  As such, I was frustrated to find that within a few minutes of coming out of Newb Protection I was swarmed by fleets from German players in German Alliances with German descriptions.  The German players have superior experience in the game and I feel as an English player I will just get slapped down by German players who have tech trees and such.  If I am wrong please tell me so, but is this just another server for the German experienced players to have their fun at other's experience?
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« am: 21.08.2007 08:25:34 »

hello kazaglis,

you can't forbid german players to play on the org.server.
It is a free game and anyone can play on each server. On the german server there are also
new people with same problems.

The better way for you is to join an allianz and learn so much as you can. It is very dangerous as soloplayer.

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Grundkonzept von CommunitySchlampe

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« am: 21.08.2007 09:44:13 »

to protect your ress:

do not be a target:--> you can sell ress to the "trade center" and buy  transport ships: U can put ur ress into the ships and fly to a free space position

head on to explore Plasmas

in IW multiple taskforces do get a bonus
u can combine Big Daddies and gauss canone to an acceptable defense. But use the simulator: your ress are not allowed to be larger than the damage output off your defense.

on the german server u would have the same problem, but a guide for self protection


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no acc

« am: 21.08.2007 10:00:00 »

Well the description for defending yourself given by horkins is quite good. kazaglis I can understand that you think it is not fair that a few german players also play on the english server and use their experience.

If the same player attacks you for several times write him an ingamemessage and give him the advice that you are a new player and that you want to test icewars. Perhaps he invites you in his alliance or something like that. it is the more effective way till you have the plasmadefence mentioned by horkins.

Spinat schmeckt bei weitem besser, wenn man ihn kurz vor dem Verzehr durch ein saftiges T-Bone Steak ersetzt.

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« am: 21.08.2007 16:23:05 »

one of the most important thin in IceWars is: TALK with your neighbours, attackers, etc. If they "bash" you and you don't react, they will think you are inactive and raid you again.
But if you write them (at best with a little RPG) and say "hi, i'm active but new. please let me a chance to develop" *most* will stop their attacks, some will invite you in their alliances or send you building help (ships with ressources, etc.)
If you write them and they simply say "nah nah, I'm big and mean and will bash you anyway" *then* please tell us in here or in IRC, so we can help.
For that it's helpful if you can provide your messages to the mean attacker (and his responses) and the attack links.

Again: TALK to anyone you consider harmful (or helpful...)

Global Moderator
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« am: 22.08.2007 22:56:49 »

Agreed. Most times direct contact helps. If it doesn't it still is a possibility to come to the forums again and ask the community for help. It's not a given, but neither is it rare that help arrives from unexpected quarters.

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« am: 30.08.2007 07:41:50 »

yeah! Jascho it's called war!!!hrhrh Very Happy

but there may be some others out there, who play this new round just for fun, and not to scare people away ... and don't behave like the silly [Krauts], which coming from Berlin hyper-gangster-rapper scene: Aggro-Berlin ... this people are shit, they don't even speak german, it's more like an suburb-urbian-sound-a-like german (no offensive, just to spread rumours, like Jascho) but no one cares

An alle Optimisten, Ihr werdet doch so gerne enttäuscht ... die Sekte lebt einzig und allein von Euch!

Zitat von: thundersteele
aber euch raide ich doch garnicht mehr, ihr schlaft ja nie...

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« am: 13.09.2007 10:25:32 »

Horkins wrote: "in IW multiple taskforces do get a bonus"

Can someone comment this and write more about defence. Does my planetary and orbital defence count together in battles or they are just defending separately planet and orbital areas? What about using ships for defence?

So far, I was using tactic to not store too much res and it was good to avoid raids. But there will be soon buildings which needs more resc to collect. 
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« am: 13.09.2007 10:39:54 »

first: larger ships do get support from fighter escord: Go and click on a Big Daddy for example and read all informations
second: different taskforces do splitt and lower incoming damage.
For example an attack would wipe some of your battleships complete and annother would wipe your planetary defense complete, it might be, that both attacks combined will not wipe your combined taskforce.
At least it is very hard to wipe Zeus - ships combined with plasma-defense in one attack.

Example: 20 Zeus : 1 Zeus and 20 plasma ---> Zeus will survive
             10 Zeus :1 Zeus                     ---> Zeus dead
              10 Zeus : 20 plasmas            ---->  all plasmas dead

Global Moderator
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« am: 13.09.2007 13:32:51 »

Orbital and planetery defence do both fire on attacking ships, it's just that the weapons installed in the defence slots are not equally effective against certain ship types. The defences installed in orbital slots are usually better against smaller ships like fighters or bombers, the planetary based ones are better against capships.

An exception to all this is probe defence. It can only be built in orbital defence slots and shoots down incoming probes. And they have a slightly weird property - they are as of now indestructible. That means that even if your orbital defence buildings are destroyed by a bombing and thousands of enemy ships swarm your planet that kind of defence is never destroyed.

Next part - ship combinations.

While in theory all ships have certain ships against which they're especially effective due to speed reasons the standard combination is battleships and dreadnoughts with fighters. Destroyers and corvettes are usually too slow to keep up with the capships and X12 carriers. Plus shipyard-wise there's often a conflict, e.g. corvettes use the small shipyards, so do fighters, which are usually more versatile than corvettes (which are dedicated fighter/bomber-killers).

Now the combination effect is that bigger ships (battleships, dreadnoughts, cruisers) get a bonus when they are escorted by a fighter force large enough. That 'large enough' factor is described in the ships' detailed information, but to make it short - a cruiser needs 5, a battleship 10, a dreadnought 20 fighters. All ships must be sent in the same fleet IIRC, i.e. even a combined attack of a battleship fleet and a fighter fleet does not yield the bonus.

Also, sometimes it is better to send some smaller (or older) ships along on an attack to work as bullet catchers for bigger/newer ships. And, though this does not have anything to do with ship combinations, a bigger fleet is not always a better fleet, at least not if you care about your losses. Play a bit with the simulator to get a feeling for it.

Regarding your last problem, storing large amounts of ressources - store it in the planet's orbit. Even one ship stationed is able to keep a leash on any amount of ressources stationed along with it. It does not even have to be a transport type ship, so it's possible to station e.g. one fighter and some transports with ressources and then send the transports back where they came from. These ressources can not even be raided. However, keep in mind that it is possible to destroy the whole cache - as soon as the last stationed ship is shot down all the ressources are lost. One has to survive all the time, so at least take a sturdy ship.

/edit - this kind of question would better be asked in the Help, Ideas, Strategy & Hints section, it's not connected to the original topic. I answered nevertheless because it just plain sucks when you've got a question and nobody answers Smile
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