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Autor Thema: Dr.Ginos Bluewave [Skin]  (Gelesen 1896 mal)
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« am: 12.07.2007 03:47:29 »

This skin was created by Dr. Gino, but at the start of alpha 0.696 there were huge changes in IceWars skin-system, so it didn't work anymore. At that point I took over to make it work again. Nearly all grafics were made by Dr.Gino and the honor due to him.
The first thread about this skin can be found here: (german)
The main thread about the current development is here: (german)

Path: (I can't ensure to keep this up.)
Download: (inclusive the pictures of planets and buildings)
Version: 1.06.1 (12.07.2007)

Known issues:
- When using the Internet Explorer the backgroundcolor of some images will differ from the backgroundcolor of the page.
- When using Internet Explorer 6 the pictures of the ressources will look distorted. You can turn this of in the IceWars options. ("No PNG correction for Internet Explorer 6.0 (only reasonable for IE version 6.0 or lower)")
- The skin doesn't support to display the colony selectbox and the individual scrollbar as a list.

Bugreports and comments are welcome.

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