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« am: 06.07.2007 14:37:26 »

I tried to write/translate the most important articles, but there are still lots of gaps, so if you are an icewars veteran and you feel that your english is good enough, feel free to expand the wiki or correct old articles.

If you are a newbie and you think one article is particularly important and should be written asap, please say so here. The next thing I would do is completing the user interface articles. However there are still several errors on the main page (like "starting page" should be "overview", "alliance intelligence system" should be "news" and some others), those should be corrected first. I can't do that, because only admins and some mods can edit the main page, I already asked chrischris to do this, but he obviously forgot. Bad chrischris Wink

If you read the wiki, you should also note that until now, most of it was written before the english version was released, and a lot of it was written before the translation was known and complete. So there might be terms mixed up, eg "starting page" instead of "overview", or "options" instead of "settings". If you see something like that, feel free to fix it. Or ask here, if you are not sure if it's correct.

Oh, before I forget: Most of the guys who wrote for the wiki are Germans, so there are probably lots of grammar and other errors, please correct everything you see Smile

Icewars Wiki Main Page
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« am: 08.07.2007 02:05:33 »

Is there an "official" list of all translations of buildings, researches etc?

I tried to translate an article today but it *has* to be altered because I can't know how some buildings I can't see before evo3 will be named...

Ritter der Doku-Wiki

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« am: 08.07.2007 13:06:01 »

ask/spam reh or any other english mods


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